Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


  • What should I expect at my Thai massage session?


Expect a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Come dressed in loose fitting clothing such as active wear. At the start of your session, your practitioner may kneel at your feet in a "wai" (prayer like) position. This is a sign of respect for the guest.  Thai poses are that of "yoga-like" poses.  Its important for you to relax and enjoy your session...deep, rhythmic breathing is encouraged.  At the end of your massage you will be completely relaxed and refreshed. A number of guests report that they have fallen asleep or are amazed at how relaxed they became with the progression of the massage. It's very important to hydrate and complete meals at least 1 hr. before your session.*

  • How does Thai massage compare to Western massages?

Traditional Thai massage is always performed on a comfortable floor mat to provide for maximum mobility that allows the practitioner to utilize their body weight. The guest is fully clothed and no oils are required; however, are sometimes incorporated since  shoulders and neck pain is common.


Western style massages require the guest to undress for oils to be applied to the body and the massage is most often performed on a table. Western massage will typically focus on a specific area of the body where the guest has a given concern. Thai massage always performs work on the entire body addressing the guest's overall well being to help the body function at its highest levels.


Additionally, Thai massage uses point pressure to open energy lines or "sens" in the body as diagram throughout Asian culture. The energy work is combined with stretching techniques to open the guests body creating a relaxing and simultaneously invigorating experience. A Thai massage practitioner may utilize their hands, elbows, knees or feet throughout the massage. Western massage mostly focuses on kneading of muscular tissue through compression and various hand movements.

  • What do you suggest for my first appointment?


We always suggest that each of our guests start with a 90-minute massage. We like to start each of our guests with at least a 90-minute so there is time to perform bodywork over the entire body and have time to focus on the areas needing more attention.  In Thailand a Thai massage can last 2-4 hours depending on the individuals needs.

  • What is the Ultimate Foot massage?

Soothing foot massage or reflexology is the art of applying pressure to various points on the foot to affect functions throughout the body. We practice a combination of Chinese and Thai reflexology that uses special lotions imported from Thailand. The lotions are applied to the lower half of the leg and various movements and point pressure are used to increase circulation to the lower legs and feet while relaxing the entire body. You will melt away while resting comfortably during you massage. After the massage you will feel like you are walking on air!!!  Guests enjoy this treatment as a single service or combined with another treatment. You will love it either way.

  • What is a Custom Table Massage?


It is performed by incorporating the best of both worlds - East and Western modalities. This massage is performed on a massage table similar to Traditional/Western massage techniques.  We use massage lotions, cream or oil to glide our hands, forearms or elbows over the body during the massage. This helps to relax the muscles and assist us in delivering a highly therapeutic massage in our session. We use several techniques and specialized skills to deliver a highly therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for you. Custom Table Massage involves optional target stretching in our 75, 90 and 120 min. session.


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