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Cupping Therapy is an alternative therapy that involves placing suction cups on the body.  It has been around for thousands of years, originating from Chinese, Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures. Cupping helps treat headaches, back pain, stress, muscle relaxation & recovery, fibromyalgia, arthritis and promotes circulation among many other benefits.  Its also used for body contouring: breast enhancements and butt lifts.

There are many approaches to Cupping; however, we perform Dry Cupping that involves stationary, massage & moving technique on a massage table.  All techniques are combined into every session:  


Dry Cupping: Involves creating a vacuum into the cup bringing blood and lymph to a pacific area, promoting circulation and healing.  It will help break adhesion between the skin and underlying connective tissues, allowing freer movement.  NO tearing, cutting or scraping of the skin is involved.


Stationary Cupping:  Cups are placed onto the desired location and left on the same spot for 3-7 min.  Several cups may be applied in a single treatment.

Massage & Moving Cupping:  Oil is applied to the skin through light massage; Throughout the treatment cups are moved over area needing work.  

Your session will start with a FREE 5 min. consult followed by dry brushing, oil application then Dry Cupping Therapy.  We use two cupping machines with plastic cups (suction may be lessen or increased depending on the clients goals and tolerance) as well as apply manual cups to the treated area(s).  After Dry Cupping Therapy, cups are removed, areas are observed and completed with Jade roller, astringent and cream to assist the healing process.  Finally, the session will close with light massage of treated area(s), optional stretching* or massage**. 

Cupping Therapy is safe and beneficial for most people.  We strongly encouraged covering treated areas, drink plenty water and refrain from showering, tanning or sauna up to 2 hours - post session.  Side effects are minimal although there may be redness and tenderness lasting one day up to one week.  Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve your goal. 

min. | $90

45 min. | $60

60 min. | $80

75 min. | $100* 

90 min. | $120**   

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