Bamboo Massage Technique

Bamboo Massage Technique is performed with 4 to 15-inch bamboo stick to apply pressure, kneading, and techniques in order to stretch the fascia in various directions.  Longer and thicker Bamboo Sticks are used for gliding - massaging large muscles such as back, quads and hamstrings; whereas smaller and thinner sticks are used for more detailed work and small muscles such as traps, hands and feet.

Prior to starting bamboo massage technique, the skin is prepared with oil and bamboo sticks may be warmed in a heating pad.  This concept is similar to hot stone massage yet with smooth texture of Bamboo.  Some practitioners combine elements of Eastern modalities which is customized to target specific acupuncture pressure points. Bamboo sticks may be used in reflexology to apply pressure to hands or foot reflex points.

Benefits of Bamboo Massage Techniques range from stimulating nerves to relieving tightness in muscles and tendons to increasing blood flow. Its also beneficial for practitioners, particularly for those concerned about repetitive motion of their wrists and hands.  Since the bamboo cane replaces the hand of the therapist, the bamboo massage technique allows the therapists to deliver deep, firm, consistent pressure.

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